Actors Development Lab is a regular creative workshop for actors in the area. 

The aim is to provide affordable ongoing training in performance skills, through exploratory sessions over a six month period.

The sessions, lead by Tim Evans, aim to provide the space and time to explore various ideas and approaches that shorter course structures are unable to offer.

The Lab’s primary aim is to develop skills and experiment with ideas. 

Content of the sessions may however lead to the development of a Powerhouse production or an audience invited work-in-progress.

Although regular attendance is preferable, membership of the Lab can be seen as a drop-in actors gym, and does not require attendance at every session.

Cost: £150 membership for 6 months.

Duration: Weekly sessions for 6 months

(Not every week over the 6 months is guaranteed. Availability and pubic holidays dependent).

Dates:  25th February 2019

Time: 6.30pm

Tutor: Tim Evans


The Powerhouse Studio

Upstairs at The Grapes

100 East Street, Hereford,



If you wish to join the Actors Development Lab, please email